International Women’s Day

Updated: March 8, 2015


MARCH 8, 2015

wkeirin7All over the world people are celebrating the amazing achievements of women today. At Athletes Talk, we like to think we do that every single day.

We’re a sports media service and we have been blessed since our launch almost two years ago to chat with some of the most amazing female athletes on the planet.

So while we stand with you all and applaud the amazing achievements of women, on this day our contribution is to remind you of some of the brilliant feats female athletes have performed in sport.

We’re not just talking about results. The ladies Athletes Talk has had the privilege of speaking to are strong, proud women who are outstanding ambassadors for their code, their sport and their gender. JacksonFeatured.jpgEvery day, they inspire through their actions, their words, their hard work, their poise, their commitment, their skill, their professionalism, their integrity, their dedication, their athleticism. The list could go on.

So join with us and celebrate on this International Women’s Day.


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