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Athletes Talk is a window into the lives and inner thoughts of the world’s best sporting professionals. It is a chat. A cafe conversation. Barstool banter. It is a purpose-built concept designed to profile elite athletes around the world, born through years of first-hand experience within the sports media industry. Unfiltered discussion free of selective editing. What the athletes say is what the fans will read. Athletes Talk is free media without gender, age or demographic restrictions. It is the Athlete’s Voice. When the athletes talk, their words are delivered direct to the fans. Email. Social media. Athlete to fan, all with the click of a button. Athletes Talk is the answer elite sports men and women have been searching for. How do I communicate with my fans and engage my followers with broader content within the established social media parameters? How do I say what I want to say and have my fans hear that message without being cut short by editorial licence? Athletes Talk opens a door to fan engagement like never before. With Athletes Talk, athletes are communicating directly to the fans themselves. Athletes Talk is the Athlete’s Voice.








Athletes Talk is a project created and managed by award winning Sydney-based media specialist Paul Cochrane. Paul is one of Australia’s most highly credentialed sports journalists following an 18-year career working in the mainstream media and in key strategic management roles on international sporting events. He has developed a reputation as a measured, instinctive interviewer and creative story-builder, having worked within the sports broadcast and print media around the world.

Paul has held Senior Journalist roles with the Seven and Nine Networks and was a key part of the iconic news program Sports Tonight on the Ten Network. He has built a career reporting on some of the world’s most definitive breaking news stories and has been on location when sporting history has unfolded. Paul has worked within the ranks of elite sport, co-ordinating media programs for individuals and teams and orchestrating the strategic media operations for cricket’s Champions League T20 and Indian Premier League (IPL) tournaments. He has worked as the media manager for cricket’s South Australian Redbacks, worked as the head of media for Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) and been employed as the Communications and PR Manager for Surf Life Saving Australia.

As a former contracted sportsman himself, Paul understands athlete mindset, behaviour and requirements, giving him an unparalleled edge in sports interviewing of men and women at the top of their game. He has built exceptional contacts and a strong rapport with international athletes. Athletes Talk is a vehicle to build on those links to create something vibrant and new in world sport media.